Buying property in Montenegro

      Montenegro is a country of breathtaking beauty and rivals Monte Carlo for its coastal attractions.
      Properties in Montenegro have become the latest hot spot and presents a good value investment.

Montenegro has many advantages including the overspill of buyers from neighbouring Croatia. This means that the property market in Montenegro will continue to rise.
At present prices are increasing most quickly in the north of the principality but with only 290 kilometres of coastline the balance of supply and demand will favour early buyers and keep prices rising.

Our estate agents are based in London and Montenegro and can provide you with all the relevant information required when purchasing a property. We shall endeavour to make the process of buying a property in Montenegro as simple and cost effective as possible. Montepiero can act on your behalf and make your purchase a lot easier for you. Our local knowledge of the area is second to none which can only benefit you as a foreign investor.

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